Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Study: Personal contacts at work help people better understand organ donation

Face-to-face workplace interactions may be the best way to educate and encourage people to consider becoming organ donors, according to new research from Purdue University. "Workplaces are a key location for people to learn about health and wellness issues, but how info s distributed in this setting can make a difference for sensitive health topics such as organ donation," said Susan E. Morgan, a professor of communication. "There is an incredible amount of misinformation and medical mistrust surrounding the organ donation process, which is often fueled by inaccurate story lines in entertainment media. Common misperceptions include that favoritism is shown for potential recipients and people who register to be donors will receive lower-quality care.

Knowing the situations people are in around you help you understand what it is like to need an organ donation.

Kulpreet Gill

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