Saturday, December 11, 2010

Face-to-Face communication still the best way to get job done

McFerran, J.(December 2010).Face-to-face communication still best way to get job done.

McFerran discusses in this article that even though there are may ways of communication (phone, fax, email, texting, social media, and other ways) that the best way is still face to face.

He states that these other ways of communication are good however sometimes people rush to get the message sent and many negative things can happen, we cant bring back what we have already sent or said, we cant use emotion, and we cant see the reaction of the person who we are sending or conveying the message across to.

By using face to face, McFerran talks about the advantages, that include: observing verbal and non verbal communications of the other person, ensuring the detail information is discussed, and seeing the feelings or how the other person is feeling. These advantages and more are discussed in the article that McFerran wrote.

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