Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To Make It Through Finals, Alive!

By an E-how contributer. “How to Survive Exam Stress” E-How.
Accessed November 30, 2010

We have all felt the stress of final exams before and may or may not established a way to get through them. This article gives some helpful tips and warnings into decreasing your stress by preparing yourself for a positive outcome and one that you will be satisfied with. It suggests that you make an organized schedule for exams which incorporates a balance between sleep, studying and breaks. Give your study sessions some variety and study a bit of a few subjects to not get overwhelmed. This way you will feel productive and maintain the “I can do this” attitude.

Although we are all aware that our studying habits may not be up to par, it is what we do about them that will affect our final outcome. This article clearly states actions that are necessary for one to achieve success and feel that they have done their ultimate best. I hope that you benefit from this article as I intend on testing out some of these tips and take caution to the warnings.

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