Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GAP Scraps New Logo But Listens to the People

Gap Scraps New Logo After Online Outcry, The Sydney Morning Herald Online, October 13, 2010, Accessed October 20, 2010.
GAP clothing company launched a new logo after 20 years of the famous original navy blue box, however after online audience analysis they decided to scrap the idea.
"Gap rolled out an updated version of the logo last Monday on its website and planned to include it in its holiday marketing, a spokeswoman said.
But the company saw more than 2000 comments on its Facebook page on the issue, with many people railing against the new logo and calling for a return to the old."
Listening to the public is a great form of communication with businesses, especially with today's online capabilities, company's are able to get a wider range of feedback on their products, and in the case Gap listened and responded.

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