Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No More Recreation Centers?

Havens, Chris. “Fewer buildings and better recreational and educational programs are a part of a new plan for parks.” Star Tribune
Accessed October 19, 2010

Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota is putting in motion a plan to reshape their parks system where the focus will be “on activities, not buildings”. It will include less recreation centers, better athletic fields, more trails and dog parks which can be used by a broad category of people instead of just being aimed towards youth. This way they will “offer more services for people of all ages, such as rooms for fitness or senior activities.” in multi-use centers. They hope that having more than just your basic “open gym time or baseball diamond” would create space for educational programs and other activites which may include community gatherings. They will be sure to not make any changes before discussing the matter with residents.

My course project is on deciding which recreation center offers the best membership. If I were to live in Mineapolis, Minnesota and I chose to do this project on some recreation centers that were being “reshaped” this would have a significant effect on my final decision. I do agree that having more parks and fields to do outside activites is important but the way recreation centers are already set up with their various activities seems to be working aswell. I guess it could not hurt to target a larger category of people that would include a variety of age groups where people can come together and learn from eachother.

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