Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next-Gen Nissan Titan to Get Most Dodge Ram Attributes

Alise, Priddle. " Next Gen Nissan Titan to get Dodge Ram attributes." Car and Driver (car magazine). Accessed October.19Th, 2010.

Nissan Titan buyers will have more options under an agreement with Chrysler to build the next-generation full-size Dodge Ram architecture for sale in 2011. Nissan will still design the next-generation Titan but but its underpinnings will be all Ram for ease of assembly at Chrysler’s Saltillo, Mexico, plant. Nissan will stop making the current Titan in 2010. Nissan looks to gain is in more available power train options and cab figurations.

My project is on which truck to buy either a Nissan Titan or a Dodge Ram for my family business. This article provides me with helpful information deciding what truck is better suited for my family business. If the new Titan is going to have most of or if not all Dodge Ram features it may be cheaper for me to buy the Titan instead of the Ram.

Kulpreet Gill

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