Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leadership qualities that lead to success

Smith, L. (2009). 3 Key Leadership Qualities Important for Success. Technorati, Inc.

In the article 3 Key Leadership Qualities Important for Success, Smith mentions the three necessary skills that when used in leadership, lead to success. Ability to see beyond the immediate and the obvious, is a skill that important when making a decision and is needed to create a vision so a goal can be reached. The skill loyalty, is an advantage especially in the business world to identify that employees are more efficient with days off and extra training. The final skill is to surround yourself with talent and with those that are just as smart as or even smarter than yourself, then letting those people use their talent and do their job. “Leaders get to have some of the fun of business: dreaming. Dream big dreams, no matter how big your business, so that you can develop a vision around which you set goals; then develop strategies to meet those goals” (Smith).

The author of this article, Linda Smith is not only a writer and an artist, but also runs her own home-based business. Smith has written a few articles about leadership and managing a business while continuing its success. In her spare time she also has two blogs that she regularly posts on, one is dedicated to business and the other, mosaic art. Smith does a good job of identifying the leadership qualities needed in order to be successful and that if you want to go into business and run your own business then by using these qualities you will do well. This article has contributed to the my decision of whether my degree should be in Entrepreneurial Leadership or Marketing Management, by stating that it’s important to learn leadership qualities and skills properly.

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