Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crim. Students Fined

Wiseman, Abby. “Friends 4 Food fraught with obstacles.” The Runner (Kwantlen newspaper). Accessed October 19, 2010.

At Kwantlen Polytechnic University this September 15, Criminology students Stefanie Leonard and Eva Botten “faced high fines from Fraser Health Authority for operating a not-for-profit food vendor at Surrey campus .” Here is why: They have been operating a vegan food tent at the school’s Surrey campus, to provide healthy food to their fellow students and to protest the presence of the Sodexo corporation on campus. (Sodexo runs the cafeteria and the Tim Hortons on that campus.) “It seems to me like there is an absolute disconnect between administration and all the way up to the top to where students are,” says Botten, who has her FoodSafe Certification. “They haven’t come by, they haven’t talk to us. They’ve emailed.”

This is a useful story for illustrating effective vs. ineffective communication strategies. Eve Botten is addressing her audience, Kwantlen classmates, in two ways: Face-to-face communication and via the newspaper, in a very clear manner. The school’s communications methods seem to have been less successful. The administration has not made a stand one way or the other regarding the Criminology student’s main goals.

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