Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cover letters that work



October 13, 2010; 6:13 AM EThttp://views.washingtonpost.com/on-success/career-coach/2010/10/powerful_cover_letters.html

It’s not always easy writing the perfect cover letter. However, Just by following these three key aspects of a good cover letter you might be able to get that job opening. The beginning should start with something called the “Hook”, you must grab the attention of the reader with something interesting. For example you can include a story or you can even “ask a question that makes them(employers) think”. The following paragraph is known as the “Pitch”, “You’ve hooked ‘em, now you sell ‘em!” You can highlight your qualifications which “targets what they need or want”. “Don’t be shy.” The “Close” will include a short, one sentence summary. It’s the “call to start the action”, so you must tell them how they can contact you. Leave a telephone number or an email address. And your good to go.

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