Monday, October 25, 2010

The 8 Things I Hate About My Staff

Dr. Rhonda Savage.(2010). The 8 Things I Hate About My Staff:
Help Change Annoying Workplace Habits.

This post written by Dr. Rhonda Savage on the Exchange Magazine website discusses the 8 things Savage hates about her staff and goes into detail about how to help get rid of those 8 things. Not only are these things affecting just Dr. Rhonda Savage but also most managers in the workforce.

Employees constantly complain about not being appreciated or recognized in their workforce, they don't follow through with things when asked, some have bad manners, they don't listen to customers, some don't feel comfortable talking to customers about the services, they use cellphones for personal reasons during work time, and they cry when conflicts arise. These employee-pet peeves can really get on a managers nerves and before they start effecting the organization negatively they must be controlled.

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