Thursday, September 16, 2010

Email: Dead or Alive?

Today with things like smart phones, iphones & Blackberrys becoming a necessity for many workplaces, many businesses are also starting to use text messaging, BBM and even social media sites as a form of communicating both in and out of the workplace. Your mobile phone is almost always an arm's reach away, allowing you to connect with your office at the same time as you plan your weekend. But with the rise in all these other means of communicating, an article by Tom Brewster begs the question, Is email becoming a dying breed? Is it merely a generational phenomena or is our ways of communicating merely evolving?

[Email] "Usage levels will “definitely” decline, according to Boue, and he has seen this trend already appear in his own organisation.
The end of email would not just be down to limitations in the technology, however.
The generation gap is major issue – although one linked to the inexorable rise of social networks. The suggestion seems to be the older demographic will take email with them to their grave, and there it will remain."

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