Friday, December 17, 2010

Business Ethics

By Investment Accountants powered by WordPress “Importance of Business Ethics/Importance of Ethics in Business Investment”
Accessed December 17, 2010

Business ethics has to do with the morals of one who is in the business world and how they use their better judgement. Obtaining ethics allows a business to retain their goodwill and receive trust and loyalty from their customers.

Corporate Bullshit

By Scott Berkun “#53 How to detect bullshit”
Accessed December 16, 2010

Bullshitting can be much like white lies, in that someone may resort to bullshitting as a way of trying to save someone’s feelings. It can also be seen as flat out lying to someone’s face and people do not take that very well but they don’t handle the truth well either. This article is on how to detect BS and it has included some BS in the article which is up to you to find. “The first detection too is to ask a question: How do [they] know what [they] know?” Be sure that what they are saying is supported by evidence. Read this article to learn more about detecting BS, and not be fooled again.

Let Fear Go and you will be OK

Fear is nothing more than a mental construction that can evaporate in an instant.
Relax when watching the following video.

It is not helpful when students spend time worrying about what they should have done earlier. The earlier you study, the better is your chances of scoring good.
  • Gathering information ,about what are the topics that are going to be used on the exam.
  • Find out the chapters and get a copy of the notes if you don't have them .
  • Memorize the themes ,topic and understand them .Repetition is a great way to memorize .
  • Take tame to review what you've covered .
  • Pulling all-nighters is unfortunately not a good idea.
  1. It makes you panic
  2. Mis react the test and will only allow you to function at 50-70% of your capability.
  • Write course summaries
  • Develop and follow a plan
  • Take a couple of minutes to review the previous studied material.

reduce the stress

To reduce stress, students have to:
  • Get enough sleep (at least 7 hours a day).
  • Avoid any use of drug or alcohol, as they can interfere the user's mental ability and his ability to study and do well.
  • Eat healthy food, mostly fruit.
  • Relax and be physically active = good resilient to stress.
  • Keep positive thinking, confidence.
Being stressed makes student forget, lose patience, and tired.
Reducing stress is the best way for exam preparation.
Relax, take your time and take deep breathing.
Good luck with an easy A+ to all of you.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Workzone: Social media slowly finding acceptance in workplace Read more:

By Elwin Green, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 28th 2010

This article discusses how employees are using social media in the workplace to communicate rather then standard email. Companies are going to have to stop with their resistance to allow the use of social media in the workplace because it is the new common use amongst people in the workplace. How will companies respond? Will they embrace the new modes of communication and encourage their use? Or are culture wars already brewing between companies that will view such tools as time wasters and workers who say that they enhance productivity?

Only Time Will Tell!!

Your Business Coach: Nonverbal communication is powerful tool in workplace Read more:

December 12th/2010

This article discusses how nonverbal communication is the most powerful form of communication in the workplace. Nonverbal communication includes all the unspoken messages sent to people on a daily basis, whether its telling someone about yourself by how you wear your hair or clothing or sharing your feelings through rolling of eyes or nodding of the head.